The Talent Bank. The new standard for Executive Search.

Traditional executive search focuses on filling a specific vacancy. The Talentbank reverses this process; the executive is at the centre.

The Talentbank, together with its partners, presents scale-up executives for both permanent and interim positions. These executives have proven their skills in various stages and settings. They have been carefully selected and their development potential confirmed. Thus, we offer a clear picture of the person behind the professional, including their qualities, ambitions and leadership style.

Talentbank Executive Search is an initiative of our founding partner Triceps, which has been in daily contact with executives and ambitious companies since 1996. This has created a network of more than 14,000 people and organisations. This forms our strength. We understand the market dynamics that modern solutions require.

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Encouraging and developing organisations to achieve growth and continuously respond to changing circumstances is our goal. We strive to offer our clients more than they expect. We are committed and take our responsibilities seriously. We work together, keep agreements and provide expert help.

Marc Timmermans

Marc A. Timmermans РScaling Up Business 

Our conviction drives us; results matter, and the people we work for are our priority! With a long-standing track record in business transformation, growth strategies and executive search, we connect successful executives with companies working to transform, scale and create new, sustainable solutions.