De Talentbank: het online Executive Search platform voor Scale-Up's

Je vond een executive voor jouw bedrijf. Wellicht past deze professional en is er wederzijdse interesse? De Talentbank biedt toegang tot een geselecteerd aanbod van hoogwaardige executives. Vind de perfecte scale-up executive. Gevalideerde profielen, direct inzichtelijk. Bespaar tijd en geld met onze unieke matchingmethode.

There is nothing more beautiful than connecting the dots and see the results.

Pioneer and breaking new ground in the Telecom / ICT transformation is the red line in my career. With knowledge of digital and the use of technology innovation for B2B/B2C. Customer driven.

Grown with the industry from start-up to corporate, from product management to commercial director with special knowledge and skills of digital business.

Inspirational results-oriented decisionmaker with respect to the individual. Bonding teams professionally and personally. With a hands-on mentality to build, develop and transform the business whilst still fun to work with.

Passionate and looking for an organization with ambition: open, innovative and decisive. The organization offers commerce, innovation, digitality and appreciates decisivenessThe size of the company is of less importance.  

Customer reference: ‘A ground-breaking, creative and sincere business creator and still fun to work with‘

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